Club Results

QLD Multiples States - September 2015

Category 1 Trio
2nd: Phoebe, Alexis, Caitlin
3rd: Evelyn, Mila, Laura

Category 1 Group
3rd: Phoebe, Alexis, Caitlin, Mila

Category 2 Trio
1st: Amelie, Angeli, Sarah
2nd: Grace, Emma, Charley
5th: Phoebe, Charlize, Alexis

Category 2 Group
3rd: Amelie, Angeli, Charlize, Alexis

Category 3 Group
2nd: Amelie, Angeli, Charlize, Alexis

Junior State Championships - August 2015

Level 3
2nd: Caitlin
5th: Evelyn
6th: Charley
9th: Laura

Level 4 Junior
5th: Sophie
7th: Jasmina

Level 4
3rd: Emma
5th: Grace

Level 5
2nd: Alexis
5th: Sarah
7th: Charlize
8th: Angeli
12th: Amelie

Senior State Championships - May 2015

Anisia - Level 7
8th Overall: 5th in Rope, 7th in Ball, 5th in Clubs and 9th in Ribbon

Phoebe - Level 7 Junior
1st Overall: 1st in Rope, 1st in Ball, 2nd in Clubs and 3rd in Ribbon

Felicity - Level 8
2nd Overall: 2nd in Rope, 1st in Hoop, 2nd in Ball and 3rd in Ribbon

Phoebe, Charlize, Amelie, Angeli, Alexis - Sub-Junior Group
3rd Overall

Sophie, Evelyn, Jasmina, Laura - Pre-Junior Group
3rd Overall

Australian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships - May 2015

Phoebe - Level 7 Junior
12th Overall: 6th in Rope, 4th in Ball, 12th in Clubs and 19th in Ribbon

Felicity - Level 8
12th Overall: 15th in Rope, 6th in Hoop, 14th in Ball and 16th in Ribbon

Phoebe, Charlize, Amelie, Angeli, Alexis - Sub-Junior Group
3rd Overall